Analytical External Cell HPLC 09 EX PEEK

l=10mm - 1/16" - std. HPLC thread UNF 10-32

External, for detectors TOY18DAD and ECD2800EX

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 Analytical cell HPLC 10 can be used in detectors Flash, TOYDAD and TOYFIX. Cell volume is 10 ul and its optical path is 5 mm. Conical design of the cell ensures decrease of the influence of flow-rate and temperature change. Unlike previous types of cells, this cell is supplied without capillaries, therefore by selection of suitable internal diameter of capillary can be reached flow-rate up to 50 ml/min.

For flow-rates lower than 10 ml/min can be ordered a hydrodynamic resistor to eliminate formation of bubbles. It is connected to the output capillary.

The cell is assembled outside of detector and it is connected with unit using fiber optic cable. Therefore it is used in explosion or contamination hazard applications.


Volume/optical path length 10 ul / 5 mm
Material fused silica; PEEK
Maximal flow rate 50 ml/min.
Connecting thread UNF 10-32
Dimensions W x H x D Diameter 36 mm, Length 23 mm
Maximum operating pressure 2 MPa
Weight 25 g