Separchrom PC08-HPLC Columns for Prep Chromatography

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HPLC columns are designed for high-pressure, high-performance preparative liquid chromatography


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Separchrom PC08 columns are designed for high-pressure, high-performance preparative liquid chromatography. They are equipped with pistons on both ends. All metal parts in connection with the mobile phase are made of AISI 316L stainless steel. Upper piston movement is secured by hydraulics, but in comparison with standard models, PC08 hydraulics is incorporated into the bottom column stand, own column is fixed in a robust frame, and the hydraulic piston presses the whole column unit against a special flange in most upper part of the system.

PC08 are used for high-performance separations in instances where small rigid particles are used as column filling. Only stainless steel and UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) are in contact with the mobile phase. Columns are resistant to all common solvents. PC08 columns are designed for industrial separations and typically work with a flow rate of 400 ml/min. – 1400 ml/min. depending on the sorbent type and separation mode. The maximum column pressure is 120 bar.

PC08 columns
are designed either for sedimentation packing with the following axial compression of sorbent bed or for dynamic axial compression packing. Columns with I.D. 150 mm or 200 mm have a special stand with motor-driven high-pressure hydraulic aggregate and hydraulic cylinder (40 tons, 200 - 600 mm stroke, double action) which serves for sorb-ent pressing during the use to compensate bed volume changes as well

PC08 column
stand has a hydraulic system in the bottom part and the column is fixed between the hydraulic cylinder piston and upper stand flange which is connected to the stand box by five rods. The column itself can be removed from the frame without disassembling the frame.
Typically the PC08 column has the same design as the PC 01 columns - consists of a tube of I.D. 150 or 200 mm with a length of 400 - 700 mm. The internal surface of the column is mechanically polished to attain high smoothness. The tube is provided with two screwed stainless steel flanges (tube flanges). Column pistons are equipped with Poremet® 2 frits (3 um porosity) and flow distributors.

Columns are custom-made, do not hesitate to ask for any other sizes within the possible ranges

Column TypeInner Diameter [mm]Length [mm]Pressure Range [bar]
SEPARCHROM PC 08-150/500 150 500 150
SEPARCHROM PC 08-150/700 150 700 150

SEPARCHROM PC 08-200/500

200 500 120
SEPARCHROM PC 08-200/700 200 700 120
Send us an inquiry for custom parameters (ranges): 150-200 400-700
(depending on diameter)


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