CPHI Exhibition China

We exhibited at the CPHI 2024 - Asia's premier trade show for the pharmaceutical industry in Shanghai, China on June 19-21, 2024, together with one of our distributors Cheng Kangxin (Shanghai) Technology Equipment.

Among others, we presented the following systems and equipment:

PrepBox-Chromatography separation system
Compact Preparative HPLC System
Ecom Analytical System
New Conductivity and pH monitor
New Valve Actuator
New models of HPLC flow cells–HPLC Preparative Flow Cells and also Tri-clamp cells
• Other systems and devices for preparative, flash, and analytical liquid chromatography from our portfolio-  https://www.ecomsro.com/
Chromatography software Ecomac and Clarity
Top-quality Analytical columns, and more.


The exhibition website: CPHI China 2024


Pictures from the exhibition - Jan Fara from ECOM together with Cheng Kangxin (Shanghai) Technology Equipment team