Separchrom PC02-MPLC (Medium-pressure) Columns for Prep Chromatography

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Columns for medium-pressure with axial bed compression for prep chromatography


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ECOM Separchrom PC02 medium-pressure stainless steel columns are intended for separation where high pressure is not necessary, but good efficiency can still be expected. They are made of stainless steel tubes. Part of the column is an input piston made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and it is equipped with stainless steel support and stainless steel mesh frit. Flow distributor with groves is incorporated into the piston to guarantee piston flow with nearly zero pressure drop. The design guarantees simple accessibility of frits for cleaning. Columns can be packed by dynamic slurry method, or by sedimentation, or with sorbent in the dry state, both with silica and polymer sorbents. For soft polymer sorbents, ECOM Separchrom PC02 oil systems can be equipped with a special software application to compensate swelling and unswelling of sorbents in different mobile phases (the column piston is moved in very small steps up and down during use).
Materials: Medium pressure prep chromatography column ECOM SEPARCHROM PC 02 is made of AISI 316L stainless steel, UHMWE moving pistons are equipped with integral sealing wings. Frits (stainless steel mesh 5 µm pore size, 5 mm thickness) can be fixed with a stainless steel ring. The stand made of stainless steel profiles is included.

Columns are custom made, do not hesitate to ask for any other sizes within the possible ranges

Column TypeInner Diameter [mm]Length [mm]Pressure Range [bar]
SEPARCHROM PC 02-100/100 100 100 40
SEPARCHROM PC 02-100/250 100 250 40
SEPARCHROM PC 02-100/500 100 500 40
SEPARCHROM PC 02-150/150 150 150 35
SEPARCHROM PC 02-150/300 150 300 35
SEPARCHROM PC 02-150/600 150 600 35
SEPARCHROM PC 02-200/200 200 200 30
SEPARCHROM PC 02-200/400 200 400 30
SEPARCHROM PC 02-200/800 200 800 30
SEPARCHROM PC 02-300/300 300 300 20
SEPARCHROM PC 02-300/600 300 600 20
SEPARCHROM PC 02-300/900 300 900 20
SEPARCHROM PC 02-400/400 400 400 20
SEPARCHROM PC 02-400/800 400 800 20
SEPARCHROM PC 02-600/400 600 400 15
SEPARCHROM PC 02-600/800 600 800 15
Send us an inquiry for custom parameters in ranges: 100-600 50-800
(depending on diameter)
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