Separchrom PC04-Non-metal Columns for Prep Chromatography

Non-metal columns for prep chromatography with axial compression

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Polyethylene cartridge columns are usually intended for flash chromatography. We offer powerful ECOM Separchrom PC04 columns made of high-quality ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, equipped with moving pistons and with no metal in contact with the mobile phase. Non-metal columns are required in biochromatography and some other special applications.
Plastic columns for preparative liquid chromatography ECOM SEPARCHROM PC 04, are unfilled, and made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. They are equipped with the same pistons on the input and the output. The input piston is moved either by flange bolts (type A) or by a central stainless steel threaded rod (type B). The pistons are fitted with plastic polypropylene frits 10 µm and a distribution system.

Columns are custom-made, do not hesitate to ask for any other sizes within the possible ranges

Column TypeInner Diameter [mm]Length [mm]Pressure Range [bar]
SEPARCHROM PC 04-25/150 25 150 12
SEPARCHROM PC 04-25/250 25 250 12


50 150 10
SEPARCHROM PC 04-50/250 50 250 10
SEPARCHROM PC 04-100/250 100 250 8
SEPARCHROM PC 04-100/500 100 500 8
SEPARCHROM PC 04-150/300 150 300 6
SEPARCHROM PC 04-150/600 150 600 6
SEPARCHROM PC 04-200/400 200 400 6
SEPARCHROM PC 04-200/800 200 800 6
Send us an inquiry for custom parameters (ranges): 25-300 150-800
(depending on diameter)
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