Separchrom PC01-HPLC Columns with Axial Compression

HPLC Columns for prep chromatography

ECOM spol. s r.o.
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Separchrom PC01 ECOM columns correspond to the highest requirements of preparative liquid chromatography. They are designed to be used in a mode of axial compression with a moving input piston. In the original design, they are equipped with identical pistons on input and output (biaxial compression as an option). In the ECOM Separchrom PC FE modification, they have a fixed end plate on the output instead of the piston. Pistons and plates are equipped with frits. A liquid distributing system is installed under each frit. The design guarantees perfect piston flow, high efficiency even for high injection volume, and simple accessibility of frits for cleaning. Columns can be packed by dynamic slurry method or by sedimentation or with sorbent in a dry state.

SEPARCHROM PC 01 ECOM columns are made of stainless steel AISI 316L (tube inner surface is polished to reach Ra < 0.3 µm) with stainless steel pistons and UHMWPE (PTFE on the request) sealing rings. The stroke of the main piston is proportional to the used hydraulic cylinder or flange bolt length. Pistons are sectional; the frit (sintered mesh disc 3 µm pore size, 5 mm thickness) with the frit ring can be removed. The output plate in the FE version is made of UHMWPE, frit is fixed with a simple frit ring. Column flanges are not welded, but screwed onto the column tube. No temperature increase during manufacturing means no change in steel properties. The column stand made of stainless steel profiles is included for columns over 100 mm I.D.
Hydraulic cylinders fitted on the upper flange are offered with manual oil pumps as well as with fully automated electric motor-driven devices for column packing/unpacking procedures.

Columns are offered with a broad scale of accessories such as filling adapters, slurry mixing vessels, slurry transporting pumps, etc.

Columns are custom made, do not hesitate to ask for any other sizes within the possible ranges

Column TypeInner Diameter [mm]Length [mm]Pressure Range [bar]
SEPARCHROM PC 01-25/50 25 50 200
SEPARCHROM PC 01-25/250 25 250 200
SEPARCHROM PC 01-50/50 50 50 200
SEPARCHROM PC 01-50/250 50 250 200
SEPARCHROM PC 01-50/500 50 500 200
SEPARCHROM PC 01-100/100 100 100 150
SEPARCHROM PC 01-100/250 100 250 150
SEPARCHROM PC 01-100/500 100 500 150
SEPARCHROM PC 01-150/150 150 150 150
SEPARCHROM PC 01-150/300 150 300 150
SEPARCHROM PC 01-150/600 150 600 150
SEPARCHROM PC 01-200/200 200 200 120
SEPARCHROM PC 01-200/400 200 400 120
SEPARCHROM PC 01-200/800 200 800 120
SEPARCHROM PC 01-300/300 300 300 100
SEPARCHROM PC 01-300/600 300 600 100
SEPARCHROM PC 01-300/900 300 900 100
SEPARCHROM PC 01-400/400 400 400 80
SEPARCHROM PC 01-400/800 400 800 80
Send us an inquiry for custom parameters in ranges: 25-400 100-1000
(depending on diameter)
Material Column piston-stainless steel, sealing rings-UHMWPE (PTFE on the request)
Tube inner surface Ra < 0,3 µm
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