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BABY18DAD 600 Scanning UV Detector

Part number: BABY130X
4 channel Scanning 200-600

200 - 600 nm Scanning PDA detector  measures at four wavelengths simultaneously or sends scan with speed  up to 20 Hz which allows to create 3D picture.

TOY18DAD 800 EX Two Channel UV Detector

Part number: TOY31WEY
2 channel 200-800

Two Channel version measures at two wavelengths simultaneously with possibility to see current scan.

TOY18FIX Dual UV Detector

Part number: TOY2200Y
2 channel 200-600 FIX

Dual UV detector version measure at two fix wavelengths which are adjusted in production according to customer order in range of 200 – 600 nm. 

1702 RNR 25ul Hamilton Syringe GASTIGHT (22S/51/3)

Part number: HA80265

removable needle for HPLC (pst 3)


701NR 10ul Hamilton Syringe (22S/51/3)

Part number: HA80365

cemented needle for HPLC (pst 3)

702NR 25ul Hamilton Syringe (22S/51/3)

Part number: HA80465

cemented needle for HPLC (pst 3)


705NR 50ul Hamilton Syringe (22S/51/3)

Part number: HA80565

cemented needle for HPLC (pst 3)


710NR 100ul Hamilton Syringe (22S/51/3)

Part number: HA80665

cemented needle for HPLC (pst 3)


725NR 250ul Hamilton Syringe (22/51/3)

Part number: HA80765

cemented needle for HPLC (pst 3)

750NR 500ul Hamilton Syringe (22/51/3)

Part number: HA80865

cemented needle for HPLC (pst 3)


Analytical cell AC02

Part number: ADA6000X

l=2mm; tubing with OD 1/16"; and thread UNF10-32

For ECD detectors series. Optical path length 2 mm.

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